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Attention version 1.x, 2.x customers

Arrange 3.0 is a paid update ($4.99) for everyone who purchased Arrange before 01.01.2012. Use this link to get an update coupon or a new license key.

Arrange lets you manage your windows in the five ways:
Zone resize
Active zones are located at the edges of each display. Size of the zone can be set in Preferences. There are separate settings for edges located between displays (inner edge zone size) and normal edges (outer edge zone size). When window is dragged to particular zone its new position and size is shown by blue rectangle. After releasing mouse button window will be moved and resized.
Predefined options
Predefined positions and sizes can be selected from on screen menu. When activated displays 16 preset options. Moving the mouse pointer over one of them shows the new position and size of window. Mouse click will trigger actual transformation of the window.
Free form tool
Free form tool allows to select exact position, size and even screen of the window. Rectangles represent displays connected to a computer. By drawing a rectangle inside of them a new position and size of window is selected. During the draw operation a new position and size of the window is marked on the displays to help visualize result of a transformation.
Multi windows tool
Multi windows tool, lets user manage from 2 to 5 windows at the same time, provides on screen menu to select windows' layout, subsequent selection of the same layout changes windows' order.
Keyboard shortcuts
With keyboard shortcuts the predefined positions and sizes can be selected as well as on screen menu can be invoked. Each repositioning/resizing shortcut exists in two versions. One operates on an original window display, other can move the window among all displays. By default only the second set has assigned key combinations.